Do You Feel Like You’re Walking in Circles?

walking in circles

A Biologist experimented with what he called ‘processional caterpillars’. He lined up caterpillars on the rim of a pot that held a plant so that the lead caterpillar was head to tail with the last caterpillar, with no breaks in the parade.

The tiny creatures walked around the rim of the pot for a full week before they died of exhaustion and starvation. Not once did any of them break out of line and venture over to the plant to eat.

Food was only inches away, but their follow-the-crowd-instinct was stronger than the drive to eat and survive.

The same thing happened to an entire generation of Israelites. They walked in circles in the wilderness for 40 years, even though they were only 11 miles from the promise land.


If you’re in a rut today, ask yourself these three questions:


Is this rut of my own making?

We choose a rut because it’s comfortable and requires no risk. And getting out of it requires courage and a willingness to make tough choices you follow through on.


Who am I following?

We adopt certain patterns because someone has taught them to us directly, or by example. Instead of mindlessly following the crowd, seek God’s will for your life and commit yourself to doing it.


Where am I going?

The Bible says, ‘Where there is no vision, the people perish’ (Proverbs 29: 18 KJV).


If you want to get out of the rut, you’re in today, ask God to give you a vision for your life — He will. And when he does, Pour yourself into it. Begin 2020 on the right foot.

3 thoughts on “Do You Feel Like You’re Walking in Circles?

  1. This is so true, yet lately, I feel like even though I’m asking, I can’t hear a specific answer. It seems like God is telling me to trust his initial command/leading and trust that he’ll redirect me when necessary. He knows my fear of failure keeps me coming back for reassurance. Hmph.

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    • Yes, sometimes we are on the right path but things don’t happen as fast as we would like. Very often patience is needed, lessons need to be learnt so we can reach the next level of our destiny.

      If we got what we wanted straight away we think we would be ready but we wouldn’t, we may lack the maturity to handle pressure, the money, the success.

      Which could result in us missing out on the very opportunity we so desperately desire.

      Live with a knowing that what you want is on the way and be prepared for its arrival, work on your confidence, how you react under pressure, how you react when asked to lead… etc etc etc.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

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