All around me, I see a lot of people of strong faith on the surface but them same people will often speak badly of their neighbours or spread gossip.

All my life I never really understood this, if each of us would just lived like Jesus did or as close as possible then this world would be a different place.

I have no place for egos or judgemental people. Treat others like you would like to be treated and you will see that life will go a lot smoother. You will gain an inner happiness that money simply can not buy.

If you look into this world, many will say that it is impossible for there to be peace, to them people I say, through God all things are possible. From the start of time, we have been given freewill, the freedom to make our own choices, God is not a dictator, he is not a judge, he is a father that loves his children no matter what they do.

Currently, this world is lost but there is a dawn on the horizon. Across the world spiritually is starting to come back. People are slowly starting to realize that money and material wealth do not bring the inner happiness you receive when you live your life
through the teachings of Jesus.

My aim in life is to make small changes, as small changes lead to massive change. If each of us were to do the same then this world would be a much better place in a very short period of time.

Years ago I heard of a story of the 100th monkey. Which says that after a certain number of animals display a certain behaviour then automatically it spreads to the entire population. Here a link to the video explaining the story. Well worth a watch.



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    1. Lost access to account. Thanks for concern, all is ok. Have new book coming out soon, will send you link when on free promotion. 🙂


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