Finding The Faith To Succeed In A Time of Great Uncertainty

I firmly believe that we all have been given a divine destiny; a special gift that is unique to us. Happiness and fulfilment come when we use that gift to help others; which results in making this world a better place.

People work so hard to be successful, to maintain their fitness; doing the best they can to keep healthy. Faith is no different; it needs constant work and maintenance.

When you see someone that never seems to get into difficulty or never seems to be stressed, this is not by chance. This person has very little fear in his or her life.

Too often we step back in fear, with the attitude that we are not worthy of the new relationship, the new job, the new career.

I would like you to know that you are worthy; you have a light within you that you must allow to shine into the world.

If you feel held back in fear at this present moment, my book Power of Choice – Choose faith, not fear, can help you rekindle your faith. It is currently free on Amazon.

My main aim as a writer is to inspire others to fulfil their full potential, one sentence, one verse, one story, is all that it takes to open the door to the next level of your destiny. 

Enjoy the book; may it bring you happiness.

Click on image below to download today.



2 thoughts on “Finding The Faith To Succeed In A Time of Great Uncertainty

  1. Thank you so much, Rev Martin! I’m afraid every day because I’m helping people in Colombia, where I live. There are so many people who need help that I get overwhelmed. I know God is providing but I need to stand on stronger ground. Thank for your articles and your timely book.


    • Due to the virus or poverty?

      All you can do is your best, and the fact that you are helping shows that you have a caring nature. An excellent quality to have, you should be proud of yourself. I know it can be hard to be strong in difficult times when everything seems to be going against you, but it’s essential to know that you can only do so much there is a bigger plan in motion.

      There is a very true saying, “It’s impossible to see the picture when you are in the frame.”

      What three things would make your life easier at this time, and I will pray that you will receive them?


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