Acceptance Is the Key to Inner Growth and Happiness

Accept This Moment as it is

No one was ready for what just happened to this world, but we have two options. We can question what happened or accept it.

The first leads to worry doubt and fear; the second leads to love, belief and faith.

The second option is the one that I recommend. Love belief and faith leads to creativeness. You start to look at all the available possibilities.

How many times have you heard people say “I wish I didn’t have to come to work?” Well, for most of us that dream has come through. This is a rare chance to start something new. To revisit some passions that you might have left behind. Now, you can learn almost any skill from the comfort of your living room.

Each day we must choose acceptance, or our fears will pull us in, resulting in turning on the news. Yes, it’s good to be informed, but with most countries given a 12-week quarantine, the positive changes from one day to the next are going to be minimal at best.

The more that we allow the negativity to affect our spirit, the more unhappy we will be. Learning to let go of what we can’t control is the secret to a happy life.

Each of us has a unique gift that few of us ever discover or explore. Now is our moment to reflect and go within. Acceptance is the key to letting all the fear and stress drain away. What is out of our control we can’t change anyway.

So, to all those who are getting bored and frustrated. Accept that this is the way it is. Your destiny has brought you to this point.

What is life trying to teach us, is the question we all should be pondering!

We have an opportunity that we should be grabbing with both hands; there is a wealth of knowledge only a click away, that you can immerse yourself in to come out of this better than you went in.

So, let’s start accepting what has happened and let our creativeness flow, and celebrate the little joys and pleasures that life entrusts us with!

Thank you!!


3 thoughts on “Acceptance Is the Key to Inner Growth and Happiness

  1. The News is like a magnet, but it will make you depressed even in normal times. It’s wise to restrict watching news to about 30 minutes a day (or zero minutes a day!) Great post!


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