Path Of Least Resistance


My mother has a great passion and love for the crucifix. Personally, it always reminded me of the pain and suffering that Jesus went through. Yes, I am thankful for what Jesus did for us, but for me, it’s always been his words and deeds that inspired me, as with this words I could always inspire others.

This week my view on the crucifix changed.

I have always been a person that wants to help and please others, sometimes putting my important plans to one side.  Yes, it’s imperative to help others, but some people take advantage of the good nature shown to them, you might be able to relate.

They always seem to need help when you are about to do something important. Rather than say, No, which would leave them unhappy, I will say, Yes, of course I will help you, which leads to me cancelling plans that would help others, meaning being unhappy that I have taken the path of least resistance.

I say, taking the path of least resistance, because saying no to certain people creates resistance, as they will, ignore you, tell others how you didn’t help them, how you let them down in their time of need. All the times that you were there for them seems to mean nothing.

When you are a person of good faith it means that you have the qualities of Jesus, you are caring, generous, selfless. These are fantastic qualities to have, but you will find that there will be people in your life that will take advantage of these qualities.

In my life, certain people always take advantage of my good nature; they often take the caring that I could give to others, for themselves. No matter how much energy I spend on them, it is never enough.

The more I give, the more they seem to take, all my prayers and energy is wasted on them as they never truly listen to my advice.

Jesus did not take the path of least resistance, if anything, he took the path of most resistance. Jesus did what he wanted to do, even though it meant those around him questioning and judging him. Jesus followed his heart to the point of his death, to show the world he believed in this ideas so much, that he was willing to die for them.

The crucifix on the wall now means something very different to me, it reminds me to take the path of resistance like Jesus did. Rather than drop everything and help certain people, I am going to say, I have something important to do now, but I will be available in one hour, tomorrow, next week.

From today, the crucifix  will give me the strength to say no to those that take advantage of my good nature. Instead, I will focus more on the important tasks that will ultimately help those that need it.

Have a good week
Rev J Martin



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