Eat Like God Intended

healthy-food-wallpapers-19-cool-hd-wallpaperA great personal interest of mine has always been health. Thankfully, I have always been blessed with good health, except maybe for a few knocks here and there. My good health is not by accident, or because of luck. It is because I have always made it a point to look after the body that God has given me.

God gave us our body as a vehicle to take us around. It is up to us to take care of that vehicle. If a friend was going to the other side of the world for a year and left you their diesel car, would you leave it lying up for the year? Would you put petrol in it? Of course not, not driving a car regularly can cause problems with the running of the car, and putting petrol in a diesel car would ruin the engine.

Recipe for disaster

Years of little to no physical activity, combined with years of unhealthy eating and you have a recipe for disaster. Just like the car, no movement will lead to problems, and putting in the wrong fuel can result in the car’s engine seizing.

Many people may not be aware of this, but a heart attack is not a disease that attacks you, it is clogging your system to the point where it breaks down, sometimes with fatal consequences. Of course, I am not a doctor so here is a link to the causes of heart attacks my WebMD.

Now I’m not saying this to scare you; I’m saying this to make you aware. Most people live on processed, tin, packaged food, plus get little physical activity, meaning they are overweight, which leads to being unfit, having aches and pains, and can even put the heart under so much pressure that it can result in a heart attack.

1000 Mile

Now I can’t unload all this information without giving you a solution. As the saying goes, a journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step. If you only make one small change each day of the week then over time that will result in massive change.

I write a post on this today because I deal with 100s of people daily that are overweight, have pains and aches, that are always going to the doctors, taking in some case 16-20 pills a day. These same people eat take out food 2-3 times a week, eat nothing but processed, tinned, or package foods. They have health problems because they don’t listen to advice from their doctor or me for that matter.

Sometimes I find that it is often a stranger’s word that resonates the most with us, someone that we have no connection to from day to day.

Change On Horizon

An excellent gauge to the best food to eat is, foods that are as close to their natural source as possible, just out of the ground, or picked off a tree. These foods have natural God-given energy and nutrients.

I always find that when given a challenge, we at the very least give it a go, so my challenge to you today is to eat as much natural, God-given food in the next seven days and please comment on any changes that you see or feel within you.

Praying to God for health will only work if you meet God half way.



Have a great weekend
Rev J Martin

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