Little Old Lady

I actually had another post in mind for this week in draft but today on my way through town, I was rushing as always and happened to get caught behind an little old lady with a walking stick.

Instantly I was brought to the present moment with a thought, slow down, I realised that did not have to be anywhere for a couple of hours.

It is surprising how we rush through life, even when we have no place to go.

When I slowed down, I noticed that although it was a cold day it was sunny and there was a clear sky. I began to look around me, and noticed the sound of the street, I felt the cold refreshing breeze against my face.

The simple act of being stopped in my tracks reminded me of how important it is to enjoy each day and not just wait until my day off too relax.

As children we are so fascinated with the world, every new sound intrigued us, we notice the little things like a weed growing 4 foot in the air from a chimney top. There is a famous saying,

“You don’t stop doing things when you grow old, you grow old when you stop doing things.”

I realised that I had stopped being fascinated with the world, God creation is all around me at all times and often I ignore it. We all live in a fast-paced world that has our minds active from eyes open to eyes closed.

When this happens week to week it leads can lead to stress, tiredness, lack of sleep. We all need moments every day that we connect with God, not just through prayer but also through connecting with the world around us.

From today, I would like you to start to do some of them things that you stop doing years ago, maybe because you forgot to, or maybe because you think that you have grown out of them. Walk barefoot in grass, try not to step on the cracks in the pavement, look for that weed in a chimney top.

Our heaven father has given us a beautiful playground that quite often we take for granted trying to get to our next destination or locked into our smartphone.

Being thankful and admiring his creation does not mean that you will not get to your next meeting, or miss your plane, it means that you will have several moments throughout the day were you connect with him.

Take time to have a look around today

Rev J Martin


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