On The Other Side Of Fear

I once read a quote, everything you want is on the other side of fear. Many things currently in your life, possibly were fears at one time.

You may have feared to drive, but you overcome it.

You may have feared to fly, but traveling and work commitments meant that you had to overcome that fear or at the very least face it so often, the fear subsided.

Many people will say, well I had to learn to drive and holidays with family means flying. What happened is they changed a can’t to must, and to quote Tony Robbins,

“If you can’t you must,
and if you must you can.”

You need to change one can’t to a must. If you need exercise, but regularly say, I can’t go for a walk in the evenings because I am too tired, I’m too busy, I will do it tomorrow.

Change it to, I must go for a walk this evening, if only around the block or to the end of the street.

I started with facing one small fear. Facing one small fear is manageable. I always wanted to run a 10K for charity, but I never thought it was possible for me, it looked too difficult. So I decide to change I can’t run a 10k to…

“I must run a 10k.”

A friend that was an experienced runner gave me an excellent piece of advice, he told me, for your first run just do one length of a football field, I wanted to do more as it didn’t seem that much, but I did as he instructed.

On the second day I was ready to go, again he told me to do one length. I never thought it was enough but the next day I was ready for the next run.

After a couple of weeks, I had built up to one lap of the football field. Over the following months, I was doing a few laps, 2 – 3 times per week.

“Baby steps.”

Then I joined a running club, which I never had the confidence to do in the beginning. Within six months I ran my first 10k.

Whatever you want to do, learn to break it down into small manageable steps. As my friend advised me, start small and build up. Have you always wanted to apply for a new course but fear held you back from even trying? The first step could be, get a prospectus and look at what courses are available.

“Make the first step.”

Many of us just need that person in our life to give us encouragement. Someone to say, go for it, I believe in you. Well, i would like to be that person today.

You are capable of achieving whatever you want to. Stop letting them thoughts of fear hold you back. Think Luke 8.22, once you get into that boat and head to the other side of fear, Jesus will be with you every step of the way.

There might be some rough water, but as long as you stay in faith then you will be taken safely to your destination, as you are not alone.

Pick something today that you have always feared to do and make the first step. When you do this, a new world will open up to you. Breaking through one fear leads to challenging other fears, each one taking you one step closer to your divine destiny.


Have a great day.
Rev J Martin 



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