Key To Happiness

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” By Mahatma Gandhi


What’s Getting Me Through 2020

“You have not because you ask not.” James 4:2

We all have problems that we face, things that need to be resolved, and decisions that have to be made. We can lack direction, requiring strength and energy.

It’s easy to get fatigued, confused, and lose your way. Thats why the Bible says to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Because we get weak. We can get disheartened, and that is not what God wants. He wants the best for you.

In the Bible when the people had a problem what did they do? Call on God. You see it in Moses life, Davids life, Jesus life, Apostle Pauls life.

“You should always pray and not give up.”

Throughout the Bible, there are countless stories of the power of prayer. What is possible when you pray earnest prayers, when you remove all the barriers that stand between you and God.

It’s when you remove all these barriers that your prayers contain power.

With God all things are possible, without God you are like a sailor that is lost at sea, at the mercy of the waves. You want to take on the sea by yourself? Go ahead, but it will not end well.

Introduce your Higher Self to your Ego

During the lockdown, I got into some bad habits and put on a fair bit of weight, that I’m finding it hard to lose.

Just don’t have the same motivation to get out of the house in the mornings for my usual run. Three times a week has dropped to one every ten days, managed to go yesterday, as it was beautiful weather. 

On my run, I had a thought, pretty deep stuff, as my brother would say but will do my best to keep it simple.

Ego Meets Self

Well, on my run, there is a very steep hill about a mile in, that although challenging I can make it. As I was approaching the hill, I saw a farmer in his land who gave me a particular look. As if to say, you’re not going to run up that hill? (Well that’s what the ego part of me heard, more on that later.)

As I started up the hill, in my mind, he was watching me. With that added pressure, the hill wasn’t as easy as usual. The sun in the sky suddenly felt warmer.

A car came from behind me, which meant I had to run on the loose gravel on the verge of the road, which made the climb even harder. Although difficult, I did not stop.

At the top of the hill, it flattened out, and slowly but surely I got up to speed, again.

Then the thought hit me, for that run up the hill I had been separated from my spiritual self. I was thinking about proving to the farmer that I could make it up the hill, that it wasn’t impossible to run. 

I also became aware of the fact that he may not have been thinking about me at all. How often do we allow what we think others will think of us to determine what we say or do? 

I can only speak for myself, but I do it a lot. 

I believe that there are two parts of us:

The spirit is the part of us that is without fear and curious about life. Most people lose connection to this part of themselves by about 8-9.

The reason for this is, at about that time, we form a second part to ourselves, the ego. I’m sure you have heard that expression. 

That’s the part of us that suddenly cares what others think. So we make sure we dress the same as everyone else, have the same trainers, school bag, and clothes. We do whatever is necessary, so we don’t stand out. 

Just the presence of the farmer had disconnected me from enjoying my run, meaning; I got lost in over-thinking and over analysing my performance, which in turn made the run much harder.

It was interesting to witness how the ego had changed my feelings and emotions. 

Like it or not feelings and emotions are what rule our life. We tend always to be moving towards what is pleasurable and away from what is painful. Doing whatever it takes to avoid being judged or criticised.

The ego part of us wants to be continuously praised and complimented. Continually analysing and overthinking everything.

As I wrote in the headline, “I had introduced my higher self to my ego.” And the higher self said to me. “Do you want fearful part of you in your life anymore?”

Do we need that part of us that is always judging ourselves and others, that is in constant fear of being judged or criticised. I don’t think we do. I think it limits us in so many ways. 

Many of us never fulfil our true potential because we always have one eye on the people in our lives, the people that are so afraid to step outside their comfort zone that they will make fun of anyone else that does. 

Strenght in you reflects the weaknesses within them. 

Growing up, the ego is needed to help build our identity and keep us safe from harm. Its the person we become so other people will like us, admire us, and accept us. But at some point, we have to live our life on our terms. Making decisions for ourselves not solely to impress others and make them accept us.

So many people let the fear of being judged or criticised stop them from fulfilling their destiny.

Please don’t be afraid to walk your own path and follow your dreams. 

Thanks for reading.

How to Hear The Voice of God

It was Saturday night 23th May, when I heard a loud bang outside my window. My mind filtered through all the sounds that it could be, none of them registered.

It was very loud but didn’t sound like it came from outside my window. This got me worried, as a sound that loud, to not be close, would mean that something serious must have happened.

I went outside, looked around the house and down my lane to the main road, nothing. Looked up, maybe it was an aircraft, again nothing. The night was calm. It got me wondering was it just my imagination, but I knew that it wasn’t.

I went back inside, confused. Unsettled, I went back to watching TV.

Later that night I went to check my emails, no Wi-Fi so I just used my phone data not thinking much about it. Next morning same thing again, no internet. Went to check my hub no signal, and the landline was dead.

So, I rang my phone and internet provider to report the fault.

They informed me that with Covid-19, there were fewer people on the ground, but work would be carried out within 3 days. Then a neighbour told me that on Saturday night, a joyrider had crashed straight into a pole, and the pole was down.

That was the sound I had heard the night before.

The pole in question was a reasonable distance away from the house so it must have been some crash to create the level of sound I heard. It was good to link the two as it had been playing on my mind.

My next thought was the internet engineer. If they came out to fix a fault to find that a pole would have to be replaced first, it would probably delay the job, meaning having no phone or internet for longer.

So, I called up the internet provider to let them know. Long story short it took several phone calls to sort out and a week without internet.

Up until this week, I would class myself as a person that doesn’t use the internet much; it’s only when I went a few days without it did I realise just how much I use it.

The Voice of God

With the time I would usually be browsing the internet, I spent going through old notes and records, which resulted in me discovering some files that I thought were lost. That helped me with the current problem I was having.

A series of events had to happen to lead me to the discovery of the files. A joyrider had to crash into a pole at high speed, meaning that rather than a usual couple of days fixing time, it took a week, long enough for me to find the records.

This, for me, was my prayers being answered.

There is no way I would have went through and tidied up my old files for months, and by that time, the records that I found would no longer have helped.

I found out many years ago that if something goes wrong, if you are slowed down in a certain area not to fight it. Of course, you need to resolve things, but if you find yourself getting stressed or becoming impatient can be a sign to change direction.

Many people would have become stressed over the fact that they had no internet, they would have asked their neighbour to use their internet or for their internet password, but I have learnt that in my life that God can speak through events and people.

Answers to prayers can come in so many different forms; God doesn’t speak to us with a loud booming voice like in the movies, its through subtle messages that most do not pick up on.

I think technology is a fantastic thing, without it you would not be reading these words, I would not be writing these words in this medium, but on the flip of that, it has separated us from the spiritual, from the metaphysical.

I believe that God is speaking to us at all times, but we are too busy to hear the subtle messages. Even the sound of traffic is enough to distract you from hearing Him. That is why moments of silence is vital each day.

Turn off the notifications, the internet, the TV.

Only then can we connect with our inner vibrations, only then can the stress and anxieties that build up begin to fade away. Only then can we appreciate the gift of health that is keeping us alive.

Take a deep breathe in…

HOLD the air in your lungs for a couple of seconds…

then slowly exhale.

This simple exercise relaxes the mind and connects us to the world around us, as we can so easily get caught up in negative thoughts.

Enjoy your weekend.  

Inspiration of the Day


Franklin D. Roosevelt the 32nd president of the United States once said: “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.”

Behind every great work there has been hour and hours of practise. There is no such thing as an over night success.

Inspiration of the Day

DI 009Now with socail media its hard to get a minute to ourselves. Like anything good there is always a flip side. I found out the other day that smartphones have a section in settings to note the time to speand on app you use.

I don’t use my phone that much and i was shocked. Scrolling has a way of eating time.

We all have things we would like to do, Read more books, keep a journal, have more time to pray or walk in nature. But somehow we never seem to get them done, saying i haven’t got the time or I’m to busy.

It so easy to dismiss the 2 hours in the evening to scroll through Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Starve your distractions, feed your focus For the next 7 days and see what fun things you get done?