The healing touch.


When growing up I was always told, you need to grow a thick skin. For anyone that may not have heard that expression, it means not to let every little thing get to you.

For me, this has always been difficult as I’m a very sensitive person.

Now, like all things being sensitive has its advantages but also its short comings. On the plus side I’m more connected to people, often thinking of others before myself. And with this comes happiness.

On the down side, I’m very easily hurt.

What I have found throughout my life is, many people have had a much harder up bringing than me. They had to learn to bury their feelings to survive.

Most of my heartache is whenever I come up against these people.

Yes, what they say is often hurtful, but it is all they know. Their method of defense is attacking. To keep the attention off them, they will keep the focus on you; this could mean talking about you behind your back or even calling you names to your face.

It is so hard not to take offence.

But over the years I have started to see through these type of people. The more spiritual I become, the less and less I let myself be offended. People can try to hurt me, but it’s not until I give what they say or do permission to hurt me, will it do so.

I’m not saying that you just take it, but I have learned to forgive them and move on with my life. I do not torture myself going over and over what was said, or what did they mean by this or this or this.

Many people when hurt will simply cut the people that hurt them out of their lives. If you mention forgiveness to them they would say, they don’t deserve my forgiveness, I’m better off without them.

And yes, when you hear some stories they are right, but, and this is a major but, you do not forgive for their benefit, it is for your benefit.

Many people will say, yeah yeah, I’ve heard that a thousand times. How can holding these feelings of anger or hatred hurt me?

When you don’t forgive, when you hold onto negative emotions, you create a blockage between you and God. Jesus said in all Gospels, forgive so you will be forgiven.

What Jesus meant was give away all the negativity that is blocking the pure love that is flowing from The Father, turn over all your hurts and worries to Him to judge and settle.

In my new book, I will approach the area of forgiveness; how it can affect you in your personal, business and social life. Through stories taken from scripture and real life events, I will explore the true power of forgiveness, explaining different ways to approach it.

Overcome deep emotional pains that maybe holding you back.

There is a Healing in Forgiving is currently on free promo at Amazon until Friday, I truly think that it can benefit you and your family to have a deeper understanding of the subject. Link below

There is a Healing in Forgiving


Thanks for your time today.

Rev J Martin


2 thoughts on “The healing touch.

  1. Thank you so much for that inspiring and timely article. And a huge thank you for the book, which I will start reading in a few minutes and read until I’m done. Then I will probably turn around and read again. Your books are the best! I’m filled with gratitude.


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