Harness The Power Of Advertising – To Empower You


The advertising industry spends 100s of Billions of dollars per year to get us to buy more. The amount spent probably goes into the Trillions when small businesses and individuals are added.

So how can we harness this power?

First, you have to know how the advertising industry works. I’m no advertising whizz, but I know that it has something to do with; when our brains see something over and over and over; when we see that brand in the supermarket, to our minds it’s more familiar which equals better in some way.

I have always been interested in the power of the mind and how it works. Today, I would like to share an idea that I have been using for years to keep my mind focused; which works similarly to the advertising industry.


We all have dreams and things we would like to achieve, but all too often the day to day stresses of life blur that vision. God, I believe sent each of us here with a special gift; a gift to add something to the world, to make it better in some way.

What we need is a constant reminder of that vision. When we are focused on adding value to other peoples lives, we are happier and less stressed.

From a very early age, I have always wanted to inspire people and help them realize, to be happy and fulfilled is their birthright.

What I started to do was change the passwords for all my accounts to my goals – words, and phrases to keep me on the right path to fulfill my destiny. (Also changing wallpaper on my phone and computer.)

Very straightforward, but very powerful; as 5-10 times a day, when I log in – I am reminded of what I was sent here to do.

If one day I am off track, letting stress or worry blur my vision, a few simple words can realign my focus on the bigger picture.

Yes, like everyone I have my bad days, but I have fewer and fewer. Another idea, (as I try to expand this simple idea) is to have an uplifting CD in my car, so when driving around each day, I’m listening to something to further my knowledge or deepen my connection with God.


Most books come as an audiobook so the learning is endless. In the car, I am very rarely stressed; it has become my little sanctuary.

Our minds like to default into worry and stress; it makes such a difference when you have methods of surrendering to Gods plan for your life, letting His energy flow – so we can heal and spiritually grow.

Any thoughts or ideas you may have or use, please share in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading and have an inspirational week
Rev J Martin

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