Are You Pushing God Away?

The thought of pushing God away doesn’t seem a good option; surely I need Him on my side is often people’s first response. And, they are right, but this is what most people are doing each day.

For some reason, they think it’s ok to take matters of God into their own hands.

They feel it’s their right to worry, doubt, judge others, seek revenge or hold bitterness in their hearts.

When you hold onto these negative thoughts and feelings, they slowly fill the mind and heart. Before long, they will consume your thinking, andl restrict the space for God to work little miracles in your life.

Peace of mind is a small miracle for those that do not have it.

…so is happiness ….joy …and love.

So what is required? What steps are needed to make the space again?

Well, in my new book, Make Space For God, I would like to take you on a journey of discovery. When you learn to empty out the negative, your life will only ever be filled with good things.

Peace, happiness, joy, love, and the inspiration to take your life to new levels.

As a little Christmas present, my new book is free until Thursday at 11.59pm. (link)



Have a wonderful Christmas season.

Rev J Martin






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