Harness The Power Of Advertising – To Empower You


The advertising industry spends 100s of Billions of dollars per year to get us to buy more. The amount spent probably goes into the Trillions when small businesses and individuals are added.

So how can we harness this power?

First, you have to know how the advertising industry works. I’m no advertising whizz, but I know that it has something to do with; when our brains see something over and over and over; when we see that brand in the supermarket, to our minds it’s more familiar which equals better in some way.

I have always been interested in the power of the mind and how it works. Today, I would like to share an idea that I have been using for years to keep my mind focused; which works similarly to the advertising industry.


We all have dreams and things we would like to achieve, but all too often the day to day stresses of life blur that vision. God, I believe sent each of us here with a special gift; a gift to add something to the world, to make it better in some way.

What we need is a constant reminder of that vision. When we are focused on adding value to other peoples lives, we are happier and less stressed.

From a very early age, I have always wanted to inspire people and help them realize, to be happy and fulfilled is their birthright.

What I started to do was change the passwords for all my accounts to my goals – words, and phrases to keep me on the right path to fulfill my destiny. (Also changing wallpaper on my phone and computer.)

Very straightforward, but very powerful; as 5-10 times a day, when I log in – I am reminded of what I was sent here to do.

If one day I am off track, letting stress or worry blur my vision, a few simple words can realign my focus on the bigger picture.

Yes, like everyone I have my bad days, but I have fewer and fewer. Another idea, (as I try to expand this simple idea) is to have an uplifting CD in my car, so when driving around each day, I’m listening to something to further my knowledge or deepen my connection with God.


Most books come as an audiobook so the learning is endless. In the car, I am very rarely stressed; it has become my little sanctuary.

Our minds like to default into worry and stress; it makes such a difference when you have methods of surrendering to Gods plan for your life, letting His energy flow – so we can heal and spiritually grow.

Any thoughts or ideas you may have or use, please share in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading and have an inspirational week
Rev J Martin

Is your story holding you back?


Most people have the desire to do something great with their lives. The problem being, they don’t believe they possess the inner power to follow them desires.

So what holds us back?

It’s the constant story we keep telling ourselves. I’m not talented enough, smart enough. I’m too old. I haven’t got the time.

I’ve been there myself; I blamed everyone and everything. I told myself a story of lack, a story that contained a lot of some days; some day I will write, some day I will stand up for myself, someday I will follow my true calling, some day, some day, some day.

Guess what? That day never came.

What I came to realize was, some day never comes; it is simply a little story we tell ourselves to feel better about not taking action.

I always wanted to inspire people and thought about writing for years, but I  told myself that I wasn’t intelligent enough, I hadn’t got the patience, I hadn’t got the time; bottom line, I was telling myself I just wasn’t good enough.

This was my story, my inner dialogue until I changed it.

In my new story I started to study writing, I made the time to read, write and research. I was good enough; I did have the patience.

Your inner dialogue is much more powerful than you realize. It is the difference between you living the life you desire, and living a life where you are waiting for five o clock to come around. The sad fact is if you are living this type of life; happiness only arrives when you retire.

break-timeBreak time.

Your Heavenly Father did not put on this planet to clock in, and clock out; you were put here to add something to society.

We all have God-given talents and abilities, but we need to embrace them, nurture them, and help them grow. Even Ronaldo; who is arguably the best soccer player on the planet, when asked about his talent said; There’s no talent here, I just train harder than everyone else.

Let your new story begin with; From today I’m no longer trying to improve my weaknesses. Instead, I’m going to develop my God-given strengths. Instead of shying away from life, face it head on.

Every step you take and plan you make, when broken down is a story you tell yourself. They say everyone has a book in them; what is the next chapter of your story going to reveal about you?

Start changing your story.

If you have ever seen The Truman Show; A brief synopsis for those of you that haven’t. Jim Carrey is an insurance salesman/adjuster who discovers his entire life is actually a television show.

Well, what you do day to day is your show. At first, you may say it would make a boring story, but guess who the director is? Guess who the producer is? Guess who is the leading character.

Start asking yourself, what would make my story more interesting?

This may sound crazy, but when you look at life from this perspective, life changes.

Maybe you stress out more than you like. If this is the case, decide your character is calm and collected. If you find it very hard to forgive, make the act of forgiveness the turning point in your characters life. If your life has no direction, sit down and plan out the life you would like to lead. Apply for the courses, the interviews, attend the gym, the classes.

Of course with all acting their will be re-takes and edits, but unless you change your story, the plot can not move forward.

Take a step of faith today.

Rev J Martin

17 Ways To Be A Lot Happier In 2017

2016 has had its ups and downs, full of personal heartache, sickness, and a little slice of success.

New doors are opening in front of me, and although scared what may be on the other side, I’m also confident, when I walk through them; a new world awaits.

Within the year, I’ve learned new lessons about what happiness means, and how you can attain it, which I would like to share with you today.

Here are my 17 ways to be a lot happier in 2017.




1 – Take Good Care Of Yourself

Unless you are running at 100%, you can not truly help others. You must first look after your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. Only then, can the Spirit of God flow through you into everything you do.


2 – Stop Trying To Change Others

It very rarely happens. The older we get, the more set in our ways we become. You can’t change others; you just can’t. Be the change you want to see in others, which ties in with number 3.


3 – Work On Yourself

This might sound a little selfish at first, but you will quickly realize how challenging it is to change your bad habits, which will make point 2 a lot clearer.


4 – Take Your Time

When you slow your life down and realize it is not a race, you begin to enjoy it more. When we are always running after others, or ourselves, we miss out on all the good things.

A beautiful sunrise or sunset, birds chirping, and the soothing sound of a stream.


5 – Surround Yourself With Good People

The people that you surround yourself with, has a massive impact on your life. It can seem good to help negative people, but if you are not careful, negative people can affect your spirit.

Make sure you are surrounded with good people, people that encourage you and help you grow. People that can keep an eye on you when your life gets out of balance.

2017 is a year for growth. Cut out all the dead weight – all those that are holding you back.


6 – Trust Gods Timing

In life, we want everything on our timetable, but I have found life has its own timetable. The more you fight the natural speed of things, the more you will be stress, depressed or anxious.

Learn to surrender in 2017.


7- Be Mindful Of What You Consume

Food, friendships, media, etc. Get rid of everything that does not support you, and help you become a healthier version of yourself.


8 – Forgive, Even When You Have Been Wronged.

Forgive yourself and others quickly. Forgiveness is one of Jesus central messages and one of the most important ones.

When you forgive, you do not forgive their behavior. You are not saying what they did was right. You are simply releasing the infection, emptying out the toxins, so they can no longer poison your life.


9 – Look For The Silver Lining

Even at the worst moment, there is a lesson to be learned. There is always a reason things don’t work out, or happen in the way we expect, but often we need to look hard for it.


10 – It’s Not Always About You

Sometimes how someone treats you is a reflection of how they feel about themselves. Their actions or words reveal the condition of their own heart.

Learn not to take things personally. Instead, pray for that person.

I forgive you for not being who I want you to be, I forgive you and set you free.


11 – Don’t Be A Doormat

Have enough respect to walk away from the people that misuse or mistreat you. People respond better to you when you are assertive and ask for what you deserve.


12 – Apologize

If you are in the wrong, be big enough to admit it.


13 – Understand That Everyone Has His Or Her Own Perception

We all view things differently. How you look or feel about a situation can be completely different than the next person. Example, one person looks at the glass half empty, the other looks at the glass half full.


14 – Put Down The Phone, and enjoy what is happening around you.

I recently visited a beautiful waterfall. As the sun came out from behind the clouds, the way the light bounced off it was breathtaking. Everyone took out their phones, and so did I.

As the water was spraying everywhere getting a good shot was near to impossible. Before I got one, the sun had gone.

Lesson learned.


15 – Realize Social Media Is Not Reality

Don’t buy into the hype. Everyone is human, with ups and downs in life.

Facebook, etc. are excellent ways to connect with people, but I often see others trying so hard to impress, trying to portray a perfect life, only posting exciting cool things.

You can easily feel that you are missing out on something, but you’re not.


16- Never Assume Someone Knows How You Feel

People cannot read your mind. If someone has hurt you, get it out in the open. In many cases, when I have done this I realized that I took what was said the wrong way entirely.

Issues cannot be resolved without communication.


17 – Stay On Your Own Path

Most of us think that we are qualified to tell others how they should or shouldn’t be living their lives; even if we have zero experience in the matter.

Unless asked for advice, plus have firsthand experience, I have found it’s better to let others make their own mistakes, as they grow wiser and stronger.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Rev J Martin


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