Power Of Thoughts


Recently, I received a comment from a reader, regarding my book The Power of Words. In the book, I wrote mainly about the power that words have to shape our lives. Making sure that we speak words of victory, and not of defeat.

The point the reader was making was, thoughts also matter. The reader made a very valid point; thoughts do matter. Yes, it is true, we do tend to think negative thoughts sometimes. Maybe a thought repeats in our mind over and over, but we do not speak it out.

Every Step Of The Way

If this is the case, then speak out the opposite of what is troubling you. For example, I am simply am not confident enough to look for a new job. Speak out;  God is directing my every step, he will lead me to the perfect job, to challenge me; to make me grow.

Of course, saying this once is not going to make much difference. It’s like a DVD, each time we cancel a negative thought, we are putting a scratch on the DVD. Eventually, there will be so many scratches, the DVD will no longer play.

The same goes for negative thinking, when we speak out, carry out, the opposite of what is holding us back, we erase the old thought pattern, replacing it with a new one.

Negative thinking can be a very dis-constructive behavior if left unchecked.

Divine Destiny

Mostly, negative thinking only affects people to a level they can deal with. It may hold them back from their destiny, but they can still lead a normal healthy life. Because of this, people can get into a comfort zone.

As long as they don’t challenge themselves then, all is ok.

This is the worst case scenario. If you have fears, and you don’t confront them, then, them thoughts have you trapped. Most of what troubles or worries us, has happened in the past, we can no longer change that, no matter how much we replay it in our minds.

From today, we need to speak out what we want to achieve.

The mind like’s sameness, but look at nature, it never stays still, it is always evolving and regenerating. It so important that we do the same.

I speak in the book about writing a decree, of the person that you want to become, and read it daily. This practice can significantly help with negative thinking patterns, as you start your day with a positive statement of the person that you want to become.

The Sun is Shining

When you do this, your words are like the sun shining on a flower. From day to day it may not seem like the flower is growing, but over the weeks and months, it is very visible that the flower is growing.

Like with a flower, one day you will blossom into the person in your decree. To others, it will seem like luck, but you will know that it has been your faith and persistence that paved the way.

Success in any area of life doesn’t happen overnight, in some cases, it can take years. But it all begins with the words you speak on a daily basis.

Today I would like you to be conscious of the thoughts you think, if they are harmful or destructive in any way, speak out the opposite.

Thought – “it’s just the way I am, I can not change.”

Speak out – In nature everything changes, so I am going to allow God to change me. May God give me the strength to do what is necessary for my greater good.

Have a great weekend
– Rev J Martin

Negative thinking – Afterword
Of course in some cases, negative thinking can be severe. If this is the case, and you can not speak to a friend or family member, I recommend that you talk to a professional. There are many organizations that you can ring anonymously for free.